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Phoenix Protocol


In order to ensure that the game is fun for everyone, all players are expected to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner.

The administration reserves the right to stop destructive behaviour in the game. Our rules are as the follows:

Rules and Regulations:

To ensure operations at Phoenix Protocol are moving smoothly we have rules in place to allow for members to enjoy their time here without anyone causing any issues while maintain a set of realism to the community!

Administration reserves the right to enforce these rules when a member violates them our staff team are 100% Trained to handle any situations thrown their way and We trust their abilities to make the decisions on weather a user is kicked or banned/ Warned.


 1. Absolutely No engaging in Life Roleplay, Civilian Roleplay, Vehicle Deathmatch, Random Deathmatch, or Activity   Shooting other users.

 2. Racism, Harassment, or Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Must be respectful.

 3. Ensure to aim for realism in any scenes or encounters when in game, Voice Channels, Text chat, and Over RTO   Channels at all times.

 4. Do not Self Attach to other users' scenes without permission, DO NOT take over their scenes we are a FivePD     server Not a DOJ, NoPixel based server we do have department Chain of Commands to handle situations that may   occur in RP that violates a department guideline set from that department heads.

 5. LEO Must use the weapons located in the F11 Duty Menu, Fire/EMS should not at any point in time be seen using   or have access to a Firearm, Stun gun or anything of these sorts unless authorized by Chief of Fire or Server   Management.

 6. No Hacks, Glitches, Exploits of any kind (includes mass spawning of any vehicle/ped/prop). PERM BAN

 7. Advertisement of any kind is Prohibited unless authorized from management

 Includes Discord DM Advertisement, this is still violation of Rules. 

 8. Maintain realism when customizing Patrol cars, all vehicles can be spawned using /vs however if seen using   unauthorized parts on vehicles will result in a warning then removal if told again.

 9. Pretending to be a representative of Phoenix Protocol is Prohibited Perm ban

 10. Call-Signs must be on In Game Plates to ensure people are using the correct Vehicles.

 11.  English Only: Text Chats, Voice Chats, RTO Channels Etc.

 12.  Civilian RP is Prohibited

 13. Do NOT Ask staff to add vehicles in we have a server suggestions channel for this, Violations can result in 48-   hour suspension.

 14. We do not use applications for members to become staff, Our Staff Director hand picks the members on a as   need basis. Users must be in the server more than 30 days and active to even be looked upon to become a staff   member if recruited.

 Violating these may lead to a kick or temporary suspension. In severe cases a player may be removed from Project Phoenix indefinitely.     The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and previous record of the player. It is determined at the sole discretion of         Staff and can be imposed without any previous warning.

 Remember that the Staff have the final say in ALL matters.

 -Atalante (Server Owner)

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