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Welcome to Phoenix Protocol



Phoenix Protocol 

Phoenix Protocol is a FiveM server that utilises the FivePD plugin. This allows players to roleplay as the Police, Fire and as EMS to help keep San Andreas safe. The server has a dedicated staff team who are helpful and play an active part in the community. The official Discord server is used for players to communicate to each other using the RTO, chat with other players, suggest new server features and keep up-to-date with new and upcoming events!

LCSO Smoke Break

Our Staff

Our staff team are dedicated to keeping Phoenix Protocol a safe and enjoyable place for all of the community. They enforce the rules on everyone and they are more than happy to respond to any queries you may have about the server and how to play!


City Regulations

On Phoenix Protocol, we expect players to roleplay but we are relaxed on our rule enforcement to ensure all players have the best experience on our server! Staff will enforce our relaxed rules and in many cases give players many chances before they are kicked or banned. Staff are also held up to a high standard to make sure they are respectful to the community and the players online.


Players use the discord server to talk to other players, join one of our 7 active departments, talk to staff and report bugs found in the game. The discord server is also used for RTO and chat so players can better communicate with each other!



The server has high upkeep costs after considering the price for the server, EUP, server upvotes, vehicles and scripts, therefore we rely on donations from the community to help us keep the server running. Below is a link to the donate page, 100% of donations go back into the development and upkeep of the server! If you wish to donate press the button below, everything counts!

We thank anyone who has donated :)

police car.png


Screenshots are the best way to capture your best times on Project Phoenix and its even better when shared with the people that you play with. 

Current Departments


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